Sunday, September 28, 2008

Older, but telling: Michelle Obama and Race

OK, after watching the last video I posted on the Democrats who took MONEY from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae covering up problems, I scanned down the sidebar on YouTube and this video caught my attention. It's Michelle Obama talking race during the Primary. After you watch this tell me that every single friend you have who's black is feeling this way? I had conversations with some of my black friends back during the Primary who talked about how they couldn't even bring up a negative about Barack Obama without being ostracized by their friends! They couldn't say the word "Hillary" without having their families practically boot them out. What is this woman talking about???? I HATE it that race is still something to be USED. I grew up military, never even thought about the color of someone's skin, it was all about what you could do and your core values. I never heard this kind of poor me crud until I heard it from the blacks who make money by playing the race card. Oh man, am I going to be jumped on by racists on both sides of the so-called divide now... I don't want to hear it. I have too many black friends, good friends, who have climbed above the poor-me, everyone is dumping on my cause of the color of my skin. Michelle Obama is an example of the American Dream and she should be able to rise above playing the race card.

You MUST watch this video on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Franklin Raines

Barney Frank and his guys and gals balk at any oversight of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae back in 2004. The Republican's practically BEG for more oversight, the Democrats say it's a lynching of Raines and other inflammatory statements against it. After you watch it, go to the link below and read some of the commentary on American Thinker (which is where I found this thanks to an email from a friend). I can't believe we are going to let these same people cram a bailout with ACORN money no less in it down our throats. Does anyone know what ACORN does? Are you aware of how many times this group has gotten in trouble? The Republicans better not vote for this or they have just voted for Barack Obama and lost their own jobs next time they're up for election.

You need to watch and read on this video, it's not your usual quick watch (although it's only about 8 minutes long). It calls for your full attention, but you will be glad you watched it and will want to pass it along! If you double click the screen it will take you to YouTube and the code (or you can wait to the end and it'll come up on the screen here). If you go to YouTube you can expand it to watch it full-screen.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Found another poll we need to take!

It's on MSNBC and I know it's going to shock everyone, but it's not going McCain's way. Yes, I know, I know, you wouldn't expect MSNBC to be pro-Obama would you? Yes, well, they are usually conservative but this time they are trending in the opposite direction.

OK, I can't keep up the farce. True-to-form, MSNBC readers are swinging Left so let's try to tip the scales in the opposite direction as much as possible.

Here's the link to the poll:

The question is should they postpone the debates on Friday night. Right now 63% are saying to go ahead and hold the debates.

I like Coyote-Bluejay's idea which is that Sarah Palin should stand in for John McCain! Can you imagine how much fun the media would have with that switch? I love it and think she would run circles around Obama.

Please sign the petition protesting media bias

The Read My Lipstick Network is co-sponsoring a petition by the McCain Palin 2008 blog protesting media bias with the support of groups/sites across the political spectrum.

While many have witnessed a decisive pro-Obama slant in this news reporting during this election, this bias became glaringly apparent when Governor Palin was selected as the vice-presidential nominee.

Whether it is an organization like the New York Times having to retract stories about Governor Palin because they printed rumor and not fact; networks investigating the children of the Governor; or network pundits questioning the Governor’s ‘mothering’ skills, this over-the-top behavior and blatant bias is unacceptable. With over 1200 people having already signed we urge all readers to speak out against an irresponsible media by signing the following petition.

Petition - Speak Out Against Media Unfairness and Sexism

Petition Founder - McCain Palin 2008 Blog
Co-Sponsors -
Grizzly Groundswell
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Hillary Clinton Forum
Lets Get This Right
McCain Now
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Read My Lipstick

Please copy this blog, post on your blog, send out via email to your supporters and help spread the word!

Why are they still going after Sarah?

I know this is old news to some of you, but I just read a story that says Track Palin was one of four boys who vandalized some buses in Wasilla, Alaska. The "Democratic Underground" is one that started the lies and there is no telling how many others also helped to spread this malicious rumor.

What is it with these nitwits? Why can't they leave decent people alone? Why do they have to try and bring them down to their levels of depravity? How can human beings be so mean and yet consider themselves to be good people.

There is not a whiff of truth in the rumor and I think it is just that they can not stand it that she has such a true-blue American son who wants to go fight for his country. These hounds tried to make it sound like Track Palin was forced to go into the military rather than face criminal charges and they exaggerated the situation with the degree of damage done to the buses in question.

Track Palin had nothing to do with destroying or vandalizing the buses and he joined the Army under honorable conditions.

I can't begin to imagine the real factual problems the media and the Democrats would find if they started digging in their own back yard but they will cover up for their buddies and friends.

New Story Breaking - Track Palin School Bus Vandalism in 2005 ... Sep 3, 2008 ... New Story Breaking - Track Palin School Bus Vandalism in 2005? ... At least I'd have to be drunk to think that vandalizing buses was a fun ...

Reports that Track Palin vandalized school buses aren't true, says pal
Sep 10, 2008 ... Despite snowballing reports and rumors, Sarah Palin's eldest son, Track, was not part of the gang of teenagers who vandalized 44 school ...

Newest Palin Attack: Son Vandalized Buses, Forced to Join Military ...
Sep 11, 2008 ... Newest Palin Attack: Son Vandalized Buses, Forced to Join Military ... "Track Palin was not involved [with the vandalism]," confirmed Capi ...

Catching up on reading, sharing on earmarks and John McCain

I've been away for a few days and haven't updated the blog. I'm going to play catch up and do a marathon of posting things I've received but haven't seen on other blogs yet. This one was forwarded to me by a freind in the Read My Lipstick Network!

John McCain's record on this and on many other issues is being SO distorted by the lefties, but who can keep up and really get to the bottom of things?

From a Barracuda Babe:

Council For Citizens Against Government Waste Fact Checks Barack Obama's Record

Tom Schatz From The Council For Citizens Against Government Waste Fact Checks Barack Obama's And Joe Biden's Spending Records:

Fox News
September 22, 2008

Fox News' Greg Jarrett: "You focused on two things really as I understand it, earmarks, and we will get to it in a moment, but wasteful spending talk to us about how the candidates break down on this.

Council For Citizens Against Government Waste's Tom Schatz: "There is a long track record in both cases, some of which goes to Senator Obama in the Illinois Legislature. We do not analyze the states. But just on the votes in 2007, Senator Obama voted correctly only 10% of the time, and Senator McCain voted 11 out of the 35 times. He did vote correctly every time. His lifetime rating 88% is the sixth-highest in the Senate. Senator Obama's lifetime rating is 18% in the years that he has been a Senator. So there is a vast difference on the question of spending and taxes and those results are consistent with other analyses and organizations that track all of these various votes."

Jarrett: "Is Obama at the bottom?"

Schatz: "He is not quite at that the bottom. Actually, Senator Biden is at the bottom. He has a zero rating in 2007. But Senator Obama is pretty close at 10%."

Jarrett: "So Biden would be the most wasteful in your judgment, and again you are a non-partisan group, would be the most wasteful Senator?"

Schatz: "He wasn't the only one. There were 13 Senators with a zero rating, but he was one of those that failed to vote a single time to cut waste or cut taxes are even preserve tax cuts."

Jarrett: "And again, we are out of time, but John McCain, zero earmarks. Right?

Schatz: "That is it. Zero."

Jarrett: "Big goose egg. I mean that is amazing in Congress."

Schatz: "It is difficult to say no, but he is one of the few who has."

Watch The Fox News Report

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Found another pro-Palin blog!

I was checking out the We Love You Sarah Palin blog and clicked on one of the followers, found this blog (brand new!) :

Real Women for Sarah.

She was asking where all the Palin supporters were, so I left a message to say hello and tell her about our group.

Go say hello, too.

Powerful Thought-Provoking Letter to the Editor!

I found this on the Superwoman Sarah Palin blog along with some great commentary:

Dear Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Each year I get to celebrate Independence Day twice. On June 30 I celebrate my independence day, and on July 4 I celebrate America's. This year is special, because it marks the 40th anniversary of my independence.

On June 30, 1968, I escaped Communist Cuba, and a few months later, I was in the United States to stay. That I happened to arrive in Richmond on Thanksgiving Day is just part of the story, but I digress.

I've thought a lot about the anniversary this year. The election-year rhetoric has made me think a lot about Cuba and what transpired there.

In the late 1950s, most Cubans thought Cuba needed a change, and they were right. So when a young leader came along, every Cuban was at least receptive.

When the young leader spoke eloquently and passionately and denounced the old system, the press fell in love with him. They never questioned who his friends were or what he really believed in.

When he said he would help the farmers and the poor and bring free medical care and education to all, everyone followed. When he said he would bring justice and equality to all, everyone said, 'Praise the Lord.'

And when the young leader said, 'I will be for change and I'll bring you change,' everyone yelled, 'Viva Fidel!'

But nobody asked about the change, so by the time the executioner's guns went silent, the people's guns had been taken away.
By the time everyone was equal, they were equally poor, hungry, and
By the time everyone received their free education, it was worth nothing.
By the time the press noticed, it was too late, because they were now working for him.
By the time the change was finally implemented, Cuba had been knocked down a couple of notches to Third-World status.

By the time the change was over, more than a million people had taken to boats, rafts, and inner tubes. You can call those who made it ashore anywhere else in the world the most fortunate Cubans.

And now I'm back to the beginning of my story.

Luckily, we would never fall in America for a young leader who promised change without asking, what change? How will you carry it out? What will it cost America?

Would we?'

Manuel Alvarez, Jr.
Sandy Hook

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Make Phone Call for John McCain & Sarah Palin!

(from the campaign)


Election Day may be weeks away, but there are a number of grassroots activities you can do right now to help elect John McCain and Sarah Palin on November 4th. The work we're doing now will lay the groundwork for victory in November.

You can get started in your volunteer efforts for McCain-Palin 2008 by making phone calls through our online phone bank any time. Please follow this link to start making calls.
Reaching out to undecided voters in your state is vital to spreading the word that John McCain and Governor Palin are the right choice for voters all across America. That's why I'm asking you to take a few minutes or even a free evening to make calls for John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin.

Thanks for your time and support.

Sincerely,The McCain-Palin Team

P.S. I hope you'll join the growing grassroots movement of supporters for the McCain-Palin ticket today by volunteering to make calls through our online phone bank. Through this tool, you can make calls to undecided voters in your state and share why you support John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin for president and vice president. Please follow this link today to get started.

We're gaining girls! Take the PBS Poll

From Read My Lipstick Network Blog:
Please spread the word!
PBS is asking whether Sarah Palin is qualified for VP. This is a PBS listener poll with 61% indicating they don't think Sarah is qualified. Let's spread this poll to our conservative friends and see if we can change the numbers.
39% to 61%-Let's go! Vote now!

Today's update:
I just answered the poll and it's now 43% to 55% (with some "not sure" votes to make it total 100% I suppose).

Go take the poll. Sarah Palin is MORE qualified than Barack Obama. The whole silly premiss the libs are using is ridiculous. She has more experience, more smarts, a better head on her shoulders and a heck of a lot more ability to grasp facts than Obama will ever have. Give me a break. Go vote on their silly poll just to show them we're here and we're not going away.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Born Alive

Amazing stories and amazingly well-done ads. More amazing women doing amazing things! Have I mentioned the word amazing enough? I have no right to complain and no right to sit quietly while babies are being killed for no reason other than their being an inconvenience to a woman. There are so many people who want children and are clamoring for babies.

View this:

And this:

Then visit:

Smile Sarah!

Be scared Obama, be scared...

Yeah well, he's already scared and that's fairly obvious by the way he's been reacting. Sarah Palin has him on the run! She's energizing the world, not just the Republicans in the United States!

I am so excited she's on the ticket. I ordered a bunch of bumper stickers and told my friends I had them. They're pretty much gone 'cause everyone I know, Democrats, Independents and Republicans, wants a bumper sticker.

Another one that's going out the door are the NObama stickers. I don't have one but I'm seeing them all over.

I'm reading the book Obamanation. It should be required reading. If a fraction of what is in the book is true no one who's a true-blue American should consider voting for Obama. It's a very well documented book and very credible.

I'll try to be better at getting on here and supporting the McCain - Palin super team! We have to get them elected, the future of our country depends on it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

More reasons to be scared of Sarah!

Sarah Palin was superb on her interview with Charlie Gibson last night. I know the Dems are trashing her left and right and are parsing every single little nuance, but they are really, really having to reach, and take things way out of context, to "get" her.

Imagine the pressure she must have been under! Every little move she makes is being watched and talked about. Her background is being torn apart and misrepresented if there's any way possible to stretch it into a negative.

Can you imagine what they'd find if 30 sharp-shooters started digging into your background? I'd be in trouble the way these guys twist things. Some wouldn't even need to be twisted given some of my wild younger days.

Not one of the people casting stones would be casting them if they were held to an even lesser standard than they're holding Sarah Palin to. (that is a really grammatically bad sentence... I'll try to do better, sometimes it's too hard to re-structure a sentence to make it right ;-)

She did great. I like her more every time I hear here. The more they throw the bogus trash at her the more passionate I become about supporting her.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Definitely SCARED of Sarah!

The Democrats are SO scared of Sarah. She's causing them huge problems which means they have to try to attack and destroy. I'll be praying for Sarah and her family. I am thankful she is in the race and I hope the good people of America will stand with her and protect her from the evil that some on the liberal side are perpetrating.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Getting ready to watch Fox News Special

Hey, they're doing a special on Sarah Palin on Fox News, Greta Van Susteren. Sorry for short notice, just found out about it! Starts at 8 p.m. which is just a few minutes away.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin on the radio...

Nope, not talking Donna Summer here, but I did hear Sarah Palin on the radio... on the radio...

I'll vote for her for President after John McCain's term (s) are up!!! The liberal media is still attacking, they're raising up an army FOR John McCain and Sarah Palin!!! So far at least, the typical liberal garbage is not sticking and woman are just getting madder and madder at all the unjust attacks. They just can't stand the fact that the Democrats didn't do it this go around.

I gotta tell you girls and guys, I'm hearing from more and more of my Democratic friends that they are shocked at how the Democrats are treating Sarah Palin and some have already said THEY'RE VOTING FOR MCCAIN!!! Maybe the media is on the Republican side and we just don't know it...

The Democrats and their media friends are just showing their true colors and their colors don't include any shade of lipstick.

Here's the transcript for Sarah Palin's radio address (had to go find it ;-)


Governor Sarah Palin's Weekly Radio Address:

Good morning, this is Sarah Palin -- the governor of Alaska and candidate for vice president. When Senator John McCain asked me to join the ticket last week, he placed a lot of confidence in me, and I'm going to do my level best to be worthy of it. Senator McCain also asked me to fill in for him today in his weekly radio address -- he's putting me right to work.

In my speech to the convention last Wednesday, I wanted to share some basic convictions, and also to tell you a little about the path that shaped those convictions. I never really set out to be involved in public affairs, much less to run for vice president. My mom and dad both worked at the local elementary school, and my husband Todd and I, we both grew up working with our hands. I was pretty much your average hockey mom, raising kids, and joined the PTA. When I ran for city council of my hometown, and then for mayor, I didn't need focus groups and voter profiles because I knew those voters, and I knew their families, too. I'm not a member of the permanent political establishment, and I have no plans to join.

That was the spirit that brought me to the governor's office, when I took on the old politics as usual in Juneau, when I stood up to the special interests, the lobbyists, big oil companies, and the good-ol' boys network. Sudden and relentless reform never sits well with entrenched interests and power brokers. That's why true reform is so hard to achieve. But with the support of the citizens of Alaska, we shook things up, and in short order we put the government of our state back on the side of the people.

I came to office promising major ethics reform, to end the culture of self-dealing. And today, that ethics reform is the law. I came to office promising to control spending -- by request if possible and by veto if necessary. And today, our state budget is under control. We have a surplus. And I have protected the taxpayers by vetoing wasteful spending: nearly half a billion dollars in vetoes.

Senator McCain also promises to use the power of veto in defense of the public interest -- and as a chief executive, I can assure you it works. In a McCain-Palin administration, we'll pursue a pro-growth agenda focused on creating jobs and reducing the tax burden. And with a maverick in the White House, Republicans are going to reclaim our good name as the party of spending discipline.

Our opponent in this election supports plans to raise taxes on income, payroll, investment income, business income, and altogether would increase the tax burden on the American people by hundreds of billions of dollars. But ask yourself: If you're trying to run a small business, or to keep your job at a plant, or keep a small farm in the family, how are you going to be better off if he adds a massive tax burden to the American economy?

In Alaska, we've also made some serious reforms in energy policy. When oil and gas prices went up dramatically, and filled up the state treasury, I sent a large share of that revenue right back where it belonged -- directly to the people of Alaska. And despite fierce opposition from oil company lobbyists, we broke their monopoly on power and resources. As governor, I insisted on competition and basic fairness to end their control of our state and return it to the people. I fought to bring about the largest private-sector infrastructure project in North American history. And when that deal was struck, we began a nearly $40 billion natural gas pipeline to help lead America to energy independence.

Energy security is one of the great issues in this presidential campaign, and I look forward to debating it. Our opponents keep saying that drilling will not solve all of America's energy problems -- as if we didn't already know that. But the fact that drilling won't solve every problem is no excuse to do nothing at all. Starting in January, in a McCain-Palin administration, we're going to lay more pipelines and build more nuclear plants, create jobs with clean coal, and move forward on solar, wind, geothermal, and other alternative sources. We need American energy resources, brought to you by American ingenuity, and produced by American workers.

John McCain is a man who has always served his country and not just his party, and that's exactly the spirit we need in Washington today. Politics isn't just a game of clashing parties and competing interests. The right reason to enter politics is to challenge the status quo, to serve the common good, and to leave this nation better than we found it. No one expects us to agree on everything. But we are expected to govern with integrity, good will, clear convictions, and a servant's heart. And I pledge to all Americans that I will carry myself in this spirit as Vice President of the United States. Thank you for listening.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sarah Palin Rocks!

Who'd have ever guessed so much dynamite could be packed in such a pretty package? Yes, I'm a woman and I'm straight, but she is a good looking woman. Her husband is not bad on the eyes either. Beautiful kids, too.

She packed a wallop last night! I've had so much fun listening to the Democrats and the media trying to get a handle on her all day today! They don't know which end is up!

I imagine they won't stay that way for long though, they'll come up with some attack that will raise a liberal eyebrow or two.

What's funny is you can't turn on the radio or the TV without hearing Sarah Palin's name! She has turned everything upside down hasn't she?

Can you imagine what it'll be like having her up in Washington? Oh, it's going to be so much fun watching her as she works with John McCain to turn DC on its heels! I'm going to love it.

No matter what party you're from you have to know that it is going to be great to see the Washington insiders as they try to figure out how to handle a maverick who knows their secrets and knows how to do an end run around them! Couple McCain with the lady who put the Governor's airplane on eBay and life is going to be interesting in a few months when they take over.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Take that liberal bloggers... you're creating a strong force FOR Sarah Palin...

The title has nothing to do with the article below . But it's backfiring you liberal dummies. You're creating a monster and it's a beautiful, talented, strong group of women who're tired of you talking out of one side of your mouth with platitudes that don't extend to your feet, as in action and walking the walk. Tired of hearing one thing and seeing the opposite. It's time to take the media back from the media. Republicans and Independents, raise your children to write for the media, or better yet, just buy up the media conglomerates and do it right. Attacking Sarah Palin has shown many of us just who you are and what you really believe. You're firing up a nation and it's not in the way you intended.

In O'Fallon, Cheers For McCain And Palin
By Mark Schlinkmann and Michele Munz,
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
September 1, 2008

Article Excerpt
Click here to read the entire article.

O'FALLON, Mo. -- John McCain presented his new vice presidential running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, to thousands of cheering Missouri supporters at a sun-drenched Sunday afternoon rally at the home of St. Charles County's minor league baseball team.

"She's exactly who I need," the Arizona senator said at a jam-packed T.R. Hughes Ballpark. "She's exactly what the country needs to fight the same old Washington politics of me first and country second."

Many in the crowd seemed to agree, breaking out at one point in a chant of "Sar-ah, Sar-ah."
Wendy Riemann, a McCain spokeswoman, said about 23,000 people passed through security magnetometers to get into the park. They were in the stands, on the field and in other areas. An official with the River City Rascals, the team based at the park, gave a crowd estimate of 14,000.

The rally was in the heart of St. Charles County, an area rich with Republican votes where the size of the GOP turnout has been key in closely contested statewide races in recent years. The candidates' appearance was one in a series they plan before arriving at this week's Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.

McCain recounted Palin's election as Alaska governor in 2006 and how she took on a "corrupt" political culture in her home state that he said had become a national disgrace.

He also said Palin had vetoed "one big pork-barrel bill after another" and, as a former union member, knows the struggles of average working people to pay their bills.

"When you get to know her, you're going to be as impressed as I am," McCain said. "She's got grit, integrity, good sense and fierce devotion to common good."

Palin said she had fought special interests, lobbyists, oil companies and "the good-old boy network." She also said she had opposed the oft-criticized "Bridge to Nowhere" — a sparsely populated island — that an Alaskan in Congress had tried to get funded.

Thousands stood for more than an hour in heat that reached nearly 90 degrees to get into the ballpark. At one point, the line to get into the ballpark stretched for about a half-mile.

Many said they came to see Palin, hoping to learn more about her.

"She's a powerful speaker," Kris Weidenbenner, 49, of St. Charles, said afterward.

Weidenbenner took his spot along the third-base line soon after gates opened at 1:30, a half hour early. Standing in the hot sun for about four hours to see McCain and Palin, who began speaking about 5 p.m., "was worth it," he said.

Linda Bauwens, 58, of Weldon Spring, said she was impressed with Palin's record as governor. Her husband, Ron Bauwens, also 58, said Palin is "going to be a bulldog" for the GOP ticket.
Kathy Pfeffer, 56, of Fenton, cited Palin's reform and budget reduction efforts. "She's proven she can do it just as good as a man, if not better," she said.

Earlier Sunday, a top Missouri Democrat -- Sen. Claire McCaskill -- criticized Palin as a "risky" pick during a news conference in Bridgeton. "It shows he is perfectly willing to abandon the modern middle and wrap himself around the radical right in this country," McCaskill said.
But the choice of Palin has been lauded by many social conservatives who like her strong anti-abortion position, among other stances.

McCain and Palin arrived at the park after visiting an emergency command center in Jackson, Miss., to check on preparations for dealing with Hurricane Gustav on the Gulf Coast.

More, more, more... not everyone in the media is whacked out

Pair Of Mavericks
By The Editors,
Akron Beacon Journal
September 2, 2008

Article ExcerptClick here to read the entire article.

John McCain has faced a steep enough task in gaining the presidency. He carries the burden of an unpopular incumbent, a controversial war and polls showing that a large majority of Americans view the country heading down the wrong track. Now the Republican National Convention has been scaled back, the Arizona senator losing a full opportunity to define his candidacy for millions of Americans watching at home. More, the reason for curbing the convention activities is Hurricane Gustav, a reminder of the colossal failings of President Bush three years when Katrina battered New Orleans.

To his credit, McCain move decisively to craft the necessary response. In that way, he countered the searing memories, and gained a measure of separation from the Bush White House.

That bid for independence played an important part in his selection of a running mate. The choice of Sarah Palin, the Alaska governor, was stunning, to say the least, even a few days later. Clearly, McCain sees in Palin something of himself, the maverick willing to challenge the party establishment and the reformer capable of reaching across party lines to serve the larger interest. Whatever the flaws in the selection, the McCain message couldn't have been more plain in choosing the first woman for a Republican ticket: He intends to shake up Washington.

Ask Ted Stevens, the legendary Alaska senator, now indicted, a representative man, in many ways, of the political regime that Palin challenged when she captured the governor's office two years ago...

ICYMI: "Ignore The Chauvinists. Palin Has Real Experience."

Great article by Nancy Pfotenhauer sent out by McCain's campaign! What the press is doing to Palin and family is lower than low. They must be terrified of her to go to these lengths to try to destroy her. Well, boys, I have news for YOU... more of my Democratic friends are taking a look at Palin because of your trash talking and many of them are talking about now secretly pulling the lever (or pushing the screen if you will) for McCain. Keep it up and see if it doesn't backfire on you chauvinistic-double-standard-lefties!

"As the chief executive of the nation's largest state, Ms. Palin oversees some of the country's largest energy reserves. She came into office at a critical time in Alaska politics, facing a system plagued by corruption. Her response was to immediately begin cleaning it up. The results of her leadership today speak for themselves: Ms. Palin's approval ratings top 80% -- more than 60% higher than that of the Democratic Congress." -- Nancy Pfotenhauer

"Ignore The Chauvinists. Palin Has Real Experience."
Nancy Pfotenhauer
The Wall Street Journal
September 2, 2008

In Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain has found a fellow maverick to be his running mate -- one who can help bring the right kind of reform to Washington. Ms. Palin, like Mr. McCain, has a strong record of battling the status quo, restoring accountability and effectiveness to government, and working to secure energy independence, root out corruption and curb wasteful spending.

As the chief executive of the nation's largest state, Ms. Palin oversees some of the country's largest energy reserves. She came into office at a critical time in Alaska politics, facing a system plagued by corruption. Her response was to immediately begin cleaning it up. The results of her leadership today speak for themselves: Ms. Palin's approval ratings top 80% -- more than 60% higher than that of the Democratic Congress.

Ms. Palin has a tangible, impressive record of achievement and executive experience. She is head of the Alaska National Guard and the chairman of two multistate agencies that make energy decisions that affect all Americans. While Barack Obama spent almost all of the past two years running for president, Ms. Palin has been running a state.

It's telling that Sen. Obama chose to give a negative, partisan speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. He envisions a Democratic monolith in Washington that will solve all of our problems.

But Ms. Palin knows that real change doesn't come from rigid adherence to party lines. She has transformed her state's government from what she called a "good ol' boys network" to an accountable, successful system. Like Mr. McCain, Ms. Palin realizes that the problem isn't a Republican administration or a Democratic Congress. It's business as usual in Washington.
Ms. Palin's experience in reforming Alaskan government shows she's ready to lead on the national stage. She stood up to members of her own party who abused their power, risking her political career by protesting ethics violations. Ms. Palin went on to pass ethics reform. She has put the people's interests ahead of her own -- like Mr. McCain.

A McCain-Palin administration will not tolerate pork-barrel spending. In Washington, Mr. McCain spoke out against the "Bridge to Nowhere," a $400 million waste of the taxpayers' money that led to an island with a few dozen residents. In Juneau, Alaska, Ms. Palin made sure the bridge went nowhere, canceling the earmark. She wasn't afraid to use her veto pen, and Mr. McCain won't be either.

In a state where energy production is a top priority, Ms. Palin is an expert in the field. She has never shied away from challenging the influence of big oil companies, all the while fighting for the development of new energy resources. Ms. Palin worked with Democrats and Republicans to institute a rebate that used the state's vast oil revenues to help offset the high costs of fuel and heating in the state.

Ms. Palin has been a leader in the fight for American energy independence. Like Mr. McCain, she understands that we need an "all of the above" solution to secure our energy future. Her influence extended far beyond Alaska as she recently pushed through a gas pipeline project that will bring new supplies and lower prices to the lower 48 states.

Just last month, meanwhile, the Democrats running Congress went on vacation rather than vote to allow offshore drilling, which would reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Beyond ethics and energy, Ms. Palin shares Mr. McCain's passion for conservation. Mr. McCain often speaks of his admiration for Theodore Roosevelt, a conservationist and sportsman who surely would have enjoyed Ms. Palin's company. She grew up hunting and fishing in Alaska, and she understands the importance of responsible stewardship of our environment.

All women should be proud of Mr. McCain's selection of Ms. Palin as his running mate, an historic moment that came the week of the 88th anniversary of women's earning the right to vote. Sarah Palin will break through the glass ceiling that, as she noted on her first day as the vice presidential nominee, has 18 million new cracks thanks to Hillary Clinton.

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The Democrats are SCARED of Sarah Palin!

I know. I used to be one. Then they turned away from every value and tenant that made the Party special. They became vicious. It became Party above People. It became Party above Principles.

The Democrats give lip service to doing good. They don't care and they do an excellent job of painting Republicans as the Party that doesn't care.

The horrible attacks they are making on Sarah Palin and her family sink to new lows.

I will be voting for the Sarah Palin ticket.