Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Found another poll we need to take!

It's on MSNBC and I know it's going to shock everyone, but it's not going McCain's way. Yes, I know, I know, you wouldn't expect MSNBC to be pro-Obama would you? Yes, well, they are usually conservative but this time they are trending in the opposite direction.

OK, I can't keep up the farce. True-to-form, MSNBC readers are swinging Left so let's try to tip the scales in the opposite direction as much as possible.

Here's the link to the poll:

The question is should they postpone the debates on Friday night. Right now 63% are saying to go ahead and hold the debates.

I like Coyote-Bluejay's idea which is that Sarah Palin should stand in for John McCain! Can you imagine how much fun the media would have with that switch? I love it and think she would run circles around Obama.

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Grace Explosion said...

I just voted. 36% no. 61 % yes... debate should be held.

:) The number is moving!!