Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Be scared Obama, be scared...

Yeah well, he's already scared and that's fairly obvious by the way he's been reacting. Sarah Palin has him on the run! She's energizing the world, not just the Republicans in the United States!

I am so excited she's on the ticket. I ordered a bunch of bumper stickers and told my friends I had them. They're pretty much gone 'cause everyone I know, Democrats, Independents and Republicans, wants a bumper sticker.

Another one that's going out the door are the NObama stickers. I don't have one but I'm seeing them all over.

I'm reading the book Obamanation. It should be required reading. If a fraction of what is in the book is true no one who's a true-blue American should consider voting for Obama. It's a very well documented book and very credible.

I'll try to be better at getting on here and supporting the McCain - Palin super team! We have to get them elected, the future of our country depends on it.

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