Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More, more, more... not everyone in the media is whacked out

Pair Of Mavericks
By The Editors,
Akron Beacon Journal
September 2, 2008

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John McCain has faced a steep enough task in gaining the presidency. He carries the burden of an unpopular incumbent, a controversial war and polls showing that a large majority of Americans view the country heading down the wrong track. Now the Republican National Convention has been scaled back, the Arizona senator losing a full opportunity to define his candidacy for millions of Americans watching at home. More, the reason for curbing the convention activities is Hurricane Gustav, a reminder of the colossal failings of President Bush three years when Katrina battered New Orleans.

To his credit, McCain move decisively to craft the necessary response. In that way, he countered the searing memories, and gained a measure of separation from the Bush White House.

That bid for independence played an important part in his selection of a running mate. The choice of Sarah Palin, the Alaska governor, was stunning, to say the least, even a few days later. Clearly, McCain sees in Palin something of himself, the maverick willing to challenge the party establishment and the reformer capable of reaching across party lines to serve the larger interest. Whatever the flaws in the selection, the McCain message couldn't have been more plain in choosing the first woman for a Republican ticket: He intends to shake up Washington.

Ask Ted Stevens, the legendary Alaska senator, now indicted, a representative man, in many ways, of the political regime that Palin challenged when she captured the governor's office two years ago...

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