Friday, September 12, 2008

More reasons to be scared of Sarah!

Sarah Palin was superb on her interview with Charlie Gibson last night. I know the Dems are trashing her left and right and are parsing every single little nuance, but they are really, really having to reach, and take things way out of context, to "get" her.

Imagine the pressure she must have been under! Every little move she makes is being watched and talked about. Her background is being torn apart and misrepresented if there's any way possible to stretch it into a negative.

Can you imagine what they'd find if 30 sharp-shooters started digging into your background? I'd be in trouble the way these guys twist things. Some wouldn't even need to be twisted given some of my wild younger days.

Not one of the people casting stones would be casting them if they were held to an even lesser standard than they're holding Sarah Palin to. (that is a really grammatically bad sentence... I'll try to do better, sometimes it's too hard to re-structure a sentence to make it right ;-)

She did great. I like her more every time I hear here. The more they throw the bogus trash at her the more passionate I become about supporting her.

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