Saturday, October 4, 2008

There's a difference between intelligent and slick!

Some lib types were discussing Sarah Palin's intelligence earlier today. It was clear they had received the daily-lib-robot-talk-memo as they simply parroted the same things that the Obamaprogrammers dictated.

They had fairly high praise for John McCain: they honored his service (gag) and didn't doubt his commitment to our country (double gag) but they had to question his judgement (ah ha, finally the real point!). He picked someone without experience who didn't have a command of the issues, who had only been a governor for a few years, who, who, who.... tell me that you can't complete the list!

The put her at the bottom of the scale in comparison to Obama, Biden and John McCain.

I listened, then interjected that it seemed to me they were getting slick and polished mixed up with intelligence.

I think John McCain is about as real as they get coming from Washington, but there's no denying you have to have a degree of slick and the ability to schmooze if you're going to last in Washington. He knows the ropes and still manages to be a maverick which is commendable!

Joe Biden doesn't schmooze, he oozes and fawns and is a chameleon talker. His colors change according to the makeup of the crowd. He likes to hear himself talk but doesn't listen to what he's saying.

Obama? They say he's a master at talking. He is the rock star who can do no wrong and say no wrong. He's just slick. He is not necessarily an accomplished speaker if you listen to his hemming and hawing, but he knows how to stir a crowd.

Sarah Palin is real. She can run circles around Biden and Obama, but because the liberal press is out to get her (they hear and obey), it's virtually impossible to get past their wall to reach people. Thank goodness for YouTube, videos and other mechanisms that bypass the mainstream media!

Thank goodness for blogs and websites and the Internet. Thank goodness for talk radio.

Sarah is down to earth and real, which is something that the media and many politicians have not encountered.

They're scared of Sarah. When I hear Sarah Palin talk I don't think "slick", I think George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and politicians of old who had character, stood for principles and fought for our freedoms.

I applaud John McCain for his character and his judgement in choosing this stellar running mate.

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