Sunday, November 2, 2008

Early reading, a short post on here, then off to church

Oh man, I'm still yawning. I'm not sure why I got out of bed so early, but the mind woke up and the body followed and now here I sit as the rest of my family still enjoys those last few dreams.

I think it's the election that's weighing me down even though I'm excited and truly know we're going to win on Tuesday! Yeah Sarah Palin, she'll be the one that tipped us over the top! You can see how scared they still are of Sarah by the continuing attacks being posed against this lovely lady. No one, and I mean no one, deserves the vitriol that has been leveled against her day after day by the so-called party of love and peace. Hypocrites.

I can't allow myself to travel down that path of thought or I'll be joining my Catholic friends in a confession booth and will be too busy doing penance to vote on Tuesday! I decided to wait until Tuesday to vote rather than brave the long lines. They only have a few locations rather than the multiple voting places they will have on Tuesday so the lines will be much shorter.

I think it's crazy the way people are standing for four hours in line to vote early. On election day all the precincts will have a voting location so there won't be such a big bottle-neck. I wonder if some businesses encouraged their employees to vote early to avoid having everyone off on one day? Barack Obama decided to shut their companies down for them so that was a waste of effort if that's what happened. He's telling his supporters to take the day off from work, getting an early start on his support program for dead beats? Yep, I'm going to find a confession booth.

I saw on someone else's blog that now Obama is saying he is "going to change the world". He's a megalomaniac. What an ego that man has. Even the way he walks and talks to the crowds speaks of ego. Some people have the ability to let all the sucking-up that happens to politicians roll off their back and they retain their modesty and goodness. Barack Obama is clearly letting the worship go to his head. He's going to think he can rule the world, mark my words.

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